2024 Campground Rules

  1. PAY BEFORE YOU STAY. You must always check-in & pay prior to entering the gate to the campground.
  2. COMMON AREA RULE: There shall be NO sexual activity of any kind, at any time in any common areas. This includes the pool area, hot tub, bathrooms, pavilion, clubhouse, café, common area decks, roadways & open fields. Violation will lead to expulsion & or revocation of membership.
  3. Illegal Drugs are prohibited.
  4. Excessive Public intoxication that leads to a disturbance may lead to you being removed from the property & your membership revoked.
  5. ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for any type of physical violence.
  6. MAXIMUM CAMPGROUND SPEED IS 10 MPH (this includes golf carts).
  7. No Firearms or weapons are allowed (unless you are licensed with a state carry permit which must be registered at the office. Firearms must be stored and locked in your vehicle).
  8. No sexual harassment of campground employees, vendors, or contractors on the property.
  9. DO NOT GIVE OUT THE GATE CODE or usher in any outside non-member or non-paying individuals at any time. This is considered trespassing and/or aiding and abetting in theft of services. Such instances will be handled by local law enforcement.
  10. PHOTOGRAPHIC/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OF ANY KIND IS PROHIBITED. This includes cameras, smartphones, drones, night vision goggles, etc. Posting of photos on any social media without the consent of ALL parties involved is a violation of campground policy. Violations can result in membership suspension or revocation. Be respectful of other members privacy.
  11. Loud music must be turned down at 11pm (this is a county ordinance) & turned off at Midnight. Quiet time is Midnight until 8am.
  12. Golf carts are permitted to be driven by annual site holders & non-annual members who register with the office in advance. To register, you must complete a Golf Cart Rules Form, provide proof of golf cart insurance & pay $35 for a 1-year permit.
  13. No gas-powered recreational type vehicles (golf carts, ATV, scooters, etc.) are allowed to be driven on the property. Gas powered generators are also not allowed.
  14. Vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) are not to be driven between 11pm to 7am except in an emergency (in respect of your fellow sleeping members).
  15. PETS MUST BE LEASHED OR CONTAINED AT ALL TIMES. Owners are responsible for controlling their pets (excessive noise, aggressiveness, disruptive behavior, etc.) & for cleaning up after them.
  16. Please help us preserve the natural beauty of the wooded areas by not cutting or disrupting standing trees, bushes, vines or other naturally growing plants.
  17. Please dispose of all trash in the proper containers & clean your site/cabin up before leaving.
  18. Park in designated areas only. Do not park in roadways or on the grass.
  20. No smoking or burning candles/incense in campground cabins/indoor accommodations.
  21. Do not trespass outside the property lines.
  22. Please respect your fellow member's privacy & property.
  23. Do not leave campfires unattended. If you light it, don’t leave it!
  24. 24-Hour pass holders must check out before 11:00 am.

Pool & Hot Tub Rules

  1. No diving into the water.
  2. If you use oils or sunblock of any kind please shower before getting into the water.
  3. No glass objects (cups, glasses, bottles, etc.) within the fenced-in pool area or inside the hot tub pavilion.
  4. No open containers while in the water.
  5. No Smoking within 8 feet of pool water or inside the hot tub pavilion.
  6. No Pets of any kind within the fenced-in pool area or hot tub pavilion.

Bathhouse Rules

  1. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE WATER! We are on a well & ask you to please conserve this limited resource.
  2. Do not flush anything other than toilet paper.
  3. No glass objects (cups, glasses, bottles, etc.) allowed inside any bathhouse building.
  4. No Smoking inside any bathhouse building.
  5. No Pets of any kind allowed inside any bathhouse building.