Free Wi-Fi has been available at the River's Edge since 2012. Our local service provider, ElbertonNET, originally installed 21 independent hotspots that were distributed around the campground to provide coverage throughout. As sites were added and upgraded over the years, the tin roofs blocked and reflected Wi-Fi signals in unpredictable ways, so the original distribution of hotspots no longer met our coverage needs.

Starting in 2021, we started replacing the independant hotspots with a robust enterprise-grade mesh network to meet the needs of our guests. The upgrade project is ongoing.


Send an email to:

Make sure to include information on where you are located within the campground, and provide as much detail as you can about the device that you're using, such as type (phone, laptop, media), brand, etc.
RiversEdge_Guest is our public network available to all members.
RiversEdge_Annual is the password protected network available to annual-site holders.

Why do annual site holders get their own network?
Our internet service provider currently only offers network speeds of 200mbps/download and 20mbps/upload. We route all 'RiversEdge_Annual' traffic out a separte gateway so that more bandwidth is available on 'RiversEdge_Guest' for our guests.
We are in the process of upgrading and expanding WiFi throughout the campground. While not all areas are currently covered, we are working to expand coverage to more areas. Our expansion project will resume in the off season.

Our new high-speed network covers the following areas:
  • The Pool/Hot Tub area, Clubhouse/Gameroom/Cafe and the Pavilion
  • The Main Bathhouse and the Gameroom Bathroom
  • All RV Sites
  • All Cabins along Sleeper Row and Hilltop Circle
  • Some Campsites within and around these areas
Our existing wifi network covers the following areas:
  • All Cabins in the lower area along the river
  • Campsites 11E - 15E, 53E & 54E
RiversEdge_Guest is an Open network. This means that no password is required to connect to the network, but this also means that the traffic between an individual device and any one of our wireless access points is not encrypted, but the vast majority of internet traffic is now site-to-device encrypted (https) so the need for access point to device encryption is not as important. To mitigate the lack of encryption, all network traffic traveling across our network is isolated at the device level. This means that one device on our public network does not have access to any other device. Our network is also behind a very advanced security gateway that provides very tight firewall and traffic security from both outside of our network and also from within our network.

RiversEdge_Annual is a WPA2/WPA3 encrypted network. This means that all traffic between any given device and our access points is always encrypted. For more information about RiversEdge_Annual, contact our office.
Cell phone coverage is spotty across the campground. You may get a stable signal at the top of Hill Top Circle, or around the Clubhouse.

If your phone is set to utilize "Wi-Fi assist for voice calls", you may see your voice calls being cut off if you happen to be roaming across the campground. This happens if you move outside a wifi coverage area, or move between access points on the old wifi at the bottom of the hill.
The metal shell of most campers acts as a faraday-cage, blocking or interfering with Wi-Fi signals. Many factors affect the level of shielding being done by your camper, the largest being grounding. If your camper is connected to ground with anything other than non-conductive surfaces (like tires) and plastic/rubber pads under jacks/lifts, then signals from small devices like stick media players may be prevented from reaching our network.

If you are an annual connected to RiversEdge_Annual Beacon devices are available for purchase at the front office for $150. These devices have special antennas that receive a signal from outside the camper and repeat it inside the camper, allowing small devices to transfer data.
Information about any planned or unplanned outages is posted to the Members of the River's Edge Facebook group.